Our People

Board of Directors

Junizwan Affandi

President Director

Junizwan Affandi, a native Indonesian, began his career as a sales manager in one of the leading Japanese automotive manufacturer during the 1970’s.

Reno P. M. Junizwan

Commercial Director

Reno has over 12 years of experience in various companies that concentrate on Natural Resources and Energy

Nuradi Hidayat

Operational Director

Prior his involvement within DPS Grup, he began his career at one of the leading FMCG multinational company, Unilever from 2000 to 2012.

Guna Pria Djumena

Business Development Director

In 2011 decided to moved for PT Reethau Energi Nusansatara (DPS Grup) as business development / commercial gas (CNG) was based in Jakarta.

Muhammad Sidik

Finance Director

Prior joining with DPS Group in 2013, he started his career as Auditor in Deloitte with Chartered Accountant certification from IAI (Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia), and further having managerial experiences in Medco Energi Group.